Friday, December 27, 2013


Greetings from glorious winter break! At this precise moment I am at my neighbor’s house dog/house sitting for them and watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s such an amazing movie, and I love the very beginning when Bilbo leaves. “I’m going on an adventure!” You know there will be trouble and challenges along the way, and so does he; but at that moment all you see is the green grass of the Shire and the hope in a Hobbit’s eyes.

Well, I’m going on an adventure too! It’s called life. And it’s exactly like the adventure Bilbo embarks on. I sadly may not encounter Rivendell, dragons, or magical rings I will certainly face things and people who will stand in my way. While I can spend all night comparing undesirable characters in my life to smelly ogres, I suppose it’s probably best to just wait until the sunshine turns them to stone. Because really, the sun always rises no matter how dark the night or overwhelming the circumstances. So I shall fight the good fight, finish the race, and end my adventure triumphantly!

Still, there’s something beautiful about starting a journey. I suppose technically my whole journey started seventeen years ago, but I feel that I’m constantly starting new journeys in my life. Every time I embark on something something new, or make my mind up about something, it’s taking the first step towards a goal. So even though the end of my entire journey is a long ways off, I can be encouraged as I complete the smaller ones. For example, finishing my first semester of college J With all A’s! Like what?? God is amazing!

The rest of this post shall be dedicated to the many things that have occurred within my fandoms lately! There are very minimal spoilers, but if you haven’t seen any of these or been online for the past two months, you may want to skip.  

1.       The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!!

Oh. My. Word. DAVID CAME BACK AND OHMYGOSH IT WAS AMAZING AND HIS EPIC HAIR AND BILLIE BUT SHE WASN’T ROSE AND FEEEEELLLZZZ BUT AHHHH IT WAS SO GOOD! I went to see the simulcast in theaters with some of my fangirl friends, and it was such an incredible experience. Every time something big happened (such as David’s name in the credits hehe) the whole theater just started screaming and it was like this incredible Whovian bonding moment. Lots of people dressed up, and I did a Tenth Doctor Cosplay that turned out pretty good! So thankful for my friend Hannah who let me borrow her Converse and tan coat J I met another Ten who was so cool, and we took a picture together with our 3D glasses.

2.       The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!!

BEST. BOOK. ADAPTION. EVER! I mean seriously, they did such an amazing job with this one! I’m so happy they didn’t destroy the plot. And Peeta ohmyword Peeta is so ahhhhhhh!!! *fangirls over epicness of Peeta Mellark*


His smile just melts my heart. And I’m dreading what’s gonna happen in Mockingjay…which makes me think of Finnick, who was just perfectly cast. I got to go see the double feature with Hannah, which was fun because I wasn’t able to see the first movie in theaters.

3.       The Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor!!

We all knew it was coming. But I could have never in a thousand lifetimes fully prepared myself to say goodbye to the incredible Matt Smith. But if he had to go, that sendoff was the best and I can’t think of much more I’d do to improve it. This memory is the most fresh and contains the most feels, so I’ll just leave you with my goodbye letter and Eleventh Doctor cosplay:


Allons-y everyone! Find your journey, and pray as God guides you down the path. And whether you stand on the highest tower of Rivendell overlooking the waterfalls or at the gates of Mordor, remember that He is always with you. And by trusting in Christ as Savior, you’re guaranteed that this journey of life will end in the light of His presence.

~Kelly/The Tenth Doctor/The Eleventh Doctor
P.S. If any of you are on Instagram, I created a fandom account: allonsy_to_221B. And my personal account is epicfangirl10. I update Instagram a lot more regularly than my blog...hehe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm Not Dead...So Read My Blog Post ;)

Hello everyone! As the title indicates, I am still alive...barely. The word studying does contain DYING, both literally and figuratively. But even though I've been pretty busy with schoolwork and doing everything else on top of it, I just love it! I thrive on a busy schedule, and am extremely happy with where my life is right now. God has given me so many amazing opportunities to shine His light, and I feel His presence wherever I go.

My classes are all going wonderfully! I was so unsure of what the difficulty level would be, but I've found that I'm being healthily challenged, but still getting an A in all my classes currently :) Which makes perfectionist Kelly very happy ;) All my teachers are simply amazing, and I'm learning a lot!

Even though I've been rather swamped with my studies, I've still found the time to squeeze in a bit of fun!

Such as coloring on my hand:

And hanging out with some epic friends...

Even over FaceTime!

This fall has also been an AMAZING year for country music!! We got Keith Urban's new album, Fuse, which is incredible :D :D And Chris Young's A.M.! The next few weeks are going to put me in country girl heaven, with releases from Cassadee Pope (Oct 8), Scotty McCreery (Oct 15), and Thomas Rhett (Oct 29)!! Right now I'm listening to "Right Where I Need To Be" by Gary's an oldie, but I feel like that's where I am right now: where I need to be. It's an incredible feeling.

Still, I've found that being where you need to be doesn't mean there won't be difficulties. I'm on a new elimination diet to try and help my allergies and other health problems. It's the most restricted diet I've ever been on, and it's virtually impossible to just grab some food and leave in the morning :P So it's been interesting figuring out meals and snacks to bring to school. And because my body is detoxing, I literally catch every sickness that comes around :( Which is why y'all are even getting a blog post...I stayed home from church with a cold, and had some extra time to write...sad on the no church, happy on the time to write :)

Still, God has been faithful through it all, and I am really learning to trust Him more completely as I face new choices every day. In the big and the little, I want to do His will for my life, whatever that might be. I do know that He needs to become more of a priority in my life though, and prayers that I would get back into a daily Bible study routine would be much appreciated!

I shall leave you with a few lovely friend Abby hacked into my Google+ account (well, I actually forgot to sign out on her computer, but that's not the point), and her family had a rockin' good time changing all my settings. So, if you want a bit of a chuckle, check out my G+ profile; I still haven't changed it back, cause it's so dang funny! The "About" section was very dramatically changed. Let's just say that I'm now obsessed with pink glitter and unicorns :P XD

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
~Kelly, who is going to sign this post with a selfie, cause she loves this green jacket so much :D And who also enjoys referring to herself in third person ;)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bored? I wish...

Unlike Sherlock, I am not going to be bored for a very long time. Tomorrow, I start classes at Inver Hills Community College! I'm super excited, and just a bit intimidated...But between 16 credits, various clubs and activities, and my tiny social life, boredom is not going to be a problem. In fact, I'm quite glad that I'm taking a stress management class this first semester :) 

I shall try to post as much as I can, but no promises. Well, one promise: I shall be back when the next important geeky thing happens. Which will be November (Catching Fire and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary). And now I've got myself thinking about how excited I am for those two things!!


Okay, I'm done :)

I've had a pretty busy August, between going to church family camp, getting sick, and preparing for the school year. Camp was epically fun, and my friend Ciara was able to come too! We even got to take a trip to a nearby waterfall.
Abby, me, and Ciara on our way to the waterfall

We took lots of pictures :)

And here's me wearing my new hat. Its kind of become my item of interest, like the Eleventh Doctor's bow tie...

Now, something else incredibly amazing happened this month. But before you continue reading, let me give a HUGE spoiler warning! If you have not seen series 6 of Doctor Who STOP READING. If you have seen series 6 of Doctor Who, then you probably know what I'm going to talk about...

So, my friends Hannah and Abby are both ahead of me in Doctor Who, and insisted that I watch a certain episode with them. A Good Man Goes to War. I was a bit nervous, considering the fact that Hannah needed to watch Doomsday with me too...

Abby, me, and Hannah :)

But nothing, NOTHING, could have prepared me for the revelation of that episode!! I wish I could have seen my face (although Abby and Hannah both say it was incredibly entertaining). River is Rory and Amy's daughter!! The child of the TARDIS...I'm still freaking out about it!!! I just love this show so much :)


I have now watched through Let's Kill Hitler (THAT EPISODE WAS AMAZING!) and am even less prepared to say farewell to Eleven this Christmas ;( I just love him so much! And Rory, Rory is so incredibly epic!! He has now been added to my list of fictional character crushes ;) It's a long list...

Anyway, I still can't believe that I'm actually going to college tomorrow. I don't think it will really sink in until I walk onto the campus in the morning, then I'll have this emotional moment right before my first class starts...It's just so strange growing up. You live your life, then you wake up one day and you have to be mature, and make decisions that will affect the future. I am praying that God will give me the wisdom to handle the next two years, and the rest of my life, as His child should.
Here's to tomorrow, my continuing education, and the rest of my life!
~Kelly, the almost college student :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Geeky Revelations and Valleyfair

So much has happened in the last week! My goodness….

First, the Sherlock series 3 teaser trailer. THE SHERLOCK SERIES 3 TEASER TRAILER. *Takes a deep breath*. I never thought a video under thirty seconds would make me freak out so much…

It just seems so real now. Series 3 is actually coming! That moment when we saw Sherlock’s face for the first time since Reichenbach, I swear my heart stopped for a while. John has a creepy looking mustache, but that’s not the point…

Then, only a few days later, we get to see who our 12th Doctor is going to be! Now, I would first like to say that I’m not one of those people who thinks every Doctor has to be “hot”. But it will be strange transitioning from such a young, and yes, very attractive Doctor to an older one. I don’t want Matt to go, because I really love him. But when David left I didn’t want Matt, and I’m sure it’ll be the same way with Peter. I shall accept him begrudgingly for a few episodes, then eventually love him.

Hey, what can I say, I don’t like change. And yes, I realize that is the central theme of Doctor Who…

Now, on a less geeky note (although there were several references to cool bow ties), I had the most epic day yesterday at Valleyfair with my lovely friends Abby, Adam, Ciara and Elisabeth! We had so much fun! So much in fact that I’ll let a few pictures do the talking.

Left to right: Elisabeth, Abby, me, and Ciara. Here we are right after braving the Steele Venom, which you can see in the background.
These girls are just so amazing :)
 Okay, so this next pic has a pretty interesting story. There is this one ride, the Xtreme Swing, that I really freaked out on last year. I swore I would never go on the thing again. Now, on a seemingly unrelated subject, Ciara and I thought it would be fun to go up and do karaoke that they had set up, and we were trying to get my friend Adam to come sing with us. He refused, and we all walked over to the Xtreme swing so I could take pictures of everyone else riding it. Then Adam made an offer I just couldn't refuse. He said that if I went on the Xtreme Swing, he would come up and sing with us...

Not kidding. It was hilarious until I sat down on the seat and started asking myself why in Gallifrey I was sitting on this ride I almost died on last year. But I made it! And it was totally worth it :) Ciara, Adam and I all sang "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson and had a lovely time embarrassing ourselves together.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

Group picture!

One last pic before we left...
 So anyway, that's what I've been up to...geeking out and freaking out on scary rides :) Fun, right?
Until next time,

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NaNoWriMo Week Who Cares Update: I'M DONE!

The last day of NaNoWriMo feels so unreal! I got up, began writing with Hannah, and just...finished. Typed the last words, and sat staring at my word counter. 50,077.

Then it hit me; I DID IT!!! I'M ALL DONE! FINISHED! The whole freaking novel!

So I cracked a huge grin, informed my friends proudly, and listened to "Hall of Fame" by the Script as the congratulations began to pour in....I have so many sweet friends :)

While it's a bit sad that this amazing journey has ended, I'm looking forward to my next projects, and I'll be glad to return to a less demanding schedule :) I'm so thankful for everyone who's encouraged me so much this month; I would still be sitting at 30k if it weren't for you! God has blessed me so much with this group of epic and amazing friends!

While I won't be writing another novel in August, I'll still be busy; I'm planning on getting both Hunted and this fanfiction edited, plus working on a couple shorter fanfics. Then I start college on the 26th. This summer is just flying by...

Anyway, thanks again for all the support everyone! And as the last words of my story state: "an old chapter had ended, but a new one was just beginning..."

Monday, July 22, 2013

NaNoWriMo Week 3 Update!

“I’ve written because it fulfilled me. I did it for the pure joy of the thing. And if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.”

I’m over halfway done now! Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far; I must be writing for the joy of it. And I wouldn’t have at all if not for the support of my epic friends. Thank you Abby, Ciara, Hannah, and Lizzy! (Oh, and I put your names in alphabetical order so as not to show any favoritism :D). 

My word count? I’m ending tonight with 36,420. The writing has been pretty fun, since I’ve begun leading up to my climax. Yes, I realize that I still have many more words to go, but I’ve been told that it always takes longer to wrap things up than you think. I may be going into some emotional parts soon, since one of my characters may or may not be dying. I’ll keep you in suspense; if you care, that makes me happy, but if you don’t that’s okay too.

This is a very short post, as I was struck with a short Sherlock fanfiction idea, which I am going to go write now.

Only nine days until camp ends! (and then I will start blogging about something other than my writing…)


Sunday, July 14, 2013

NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update!

“If you want to be a writer, write. Write and write and write. If you stop, start again. Save everything that your write. If you feel blocked, write through it until you feel your creative juices flowing again. Write. Writing is what makes a writer, nothing more and nothing less.”
Anne Rice

I have survived week two! This makes me extremely happy, as I’m told it’s the hardest week of all. Now, the fact that I survived does not mean I didn’t meet some literary difficulty the last few days…but if this is the hardest it gets, I’m doing pretty good.

Lack of motivation and two sleepovers led to not so many words being written, but I’m finishing the week with a total count of 22,369. So I’m still right on track! Just hoping my plot will cooperate with the 27,631 words I have still to pen.

This is a very short post, as I must go write; haven’t written one word yesterday or today. But I was able to hang out with some epic friends, and converted Hannah to the Star Trek fandom! We went to see Into Darkness this afternoon, and she officially pronounced herself a Trekkie! Yay!

Plotting along,